This was the second game made in college by a team that I did all the music and sound effects for. The SFX were basically borrowed from online stock while all of the music was original.

In my search for something where you painted notes that was right on tempo and sounded like nintendo, I perused a CD-ROM burned by a friend for a different friend (Will again) and found Synapse Audio ORION! Even though it was defunct this year, I still use it in 2017 and will continue to still use it here and there. It stopped releasing at version 8.6 and well I have 8.5

This game started as a castle-themed sidescroller but the programmer couldn't ever get the code to work, so we borrowed a space shooter code produced by our teacher when he himself was in college. Another teacher from another class, 3D Modelling, put together our first boss, which is why it looks amazingly better than all of the rest of the game.

My soundtrack used was then titled "Songs From Orion, Vol. 1" and it was originally made specifically for this game. DOWNLOAD THE GAME!