2015 NOVEMBER 22
I've been reconfiguring on paper how I will finally do this. Just Loki and MIGA will have pages... more animated colors will occur... more demons will be displayed on this page... loki the book page, will be created with a nice table of contents. Project MIGA will be the first to be made, as I have purchased several idea-keeping contraptions for bookshelf display.

2015 SEPT 14
Little sketches were made overnight at Lieber State Park in Cloverdale, Indiana. I do this with my former work bag and some nice moleskin journals to paste graph paper designs into arranged into my eventual plans. The Project M.I.G.A. page should be functional, though without content, or three of the four pages. It is set to launch the iframe miga4.html into the Frame1 frame. There are four pages, one for each letter, transscribing also to Media, Interact (or information), GoGetGame, and About.

Next in line is the Abaddon Series and Chaos Quadrilogy pages (and of course the beginnings of the level design for all of these and Visions of Loki altogether). The Jerry's Doom Chat CBOX Module should actually run if this website were to be uploaded. I just STILL don't have working internet, making all of this much harder to all do from scratch without any outside generators, images, or help.

2015 SEPT 13
The Initial Phase 2 of this website has begun. It was before 700x450, now it is 1250x800.

No working chat. I have no internet but I'm using CBOX. I'm using the Old Loki Book for the New Loki Book. Placeholders are there for Project MIGA, Abaddon, Chaos, Doom for Kids, and Caterpickle.

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