In 1999 I released Nightmares of Loki, receiving 98.6% hatred from the Doomworld Community for the worst release ever. Years have passed and I've conjured up a cool story with a cool twist, cool planet ideas, music that wasn't "borrowed" and some game design knowledge laced with slightly deluded traces of 3D modelling. Now that I've been picked for a real retro game and learned these are a thing that people really want, I've decided to piece together from old notes and ideas Lokust Sun, nicknamed or renamed to Otherworldly. It will come in 12 chapter packs with the possibility of 12 more prequel/sequel chapter packs that continue the story from a different perspective. There were a few other ideas, Project MIGA (Make It Go Away) had cool unique map ideas that jumped from one to the next with no theme, just random single map ideas. There was also the Abaddon series, which took place in an alternate reality where id Software never existed, and instead Wolfenstein, Doom, and all the others came in a sequence of sequels instead of seperate games. All were reddish and hell-based.

Tales of the Lokust Sun

Chapter 01: The Nevada Ruins [The Maps]
Chapter 02: The Shores of Triax
Chapter 03: The Venom Valleys
Chapter 04: The Paradox Plateaus
Chapter 05: Mt Macabre
Chapter 06: Visions of Levir
Chapter 07: Escape From Triax
Chapter 08: Grim Side of the Moon
Chapter 09: Satellites of Saturn
Chapter 10: Extinct Earth
Chapter 11: Lokust Nebula
Chapter 12: Sage Is Awakened