Starts in boat, surrounded by a large lake behind you. There are guards. further into a cave with torches there's a hidden chainsaw on the right and an elevator down on the left. the elevator leads to a locked gate followed by a yellow door. to the left a chaingunner tucked away and to the right a long bridge to a large cavern area. to the left is a red door and in the midde is a broken bridge. the area to the far right opens a "tower" sort of communication center that raises the bridge to the key. the red key door leads to the left and ends at a switch to the locked gate before. you can even climb stairs to see what it did. now the bridge back is locked. a new area opens next to the communication center/tower. and has food rations on a table with candles. the blue key is hidden in one of the sleeping chambers and the blue door is off to the left of the entry to this area. up in the ducts there is a way back to a coal mining area with a minecart and the yellow key. another ducts location opens the gate the closed as you opened the red door. now that you have all three keys enter the yellow door and glide across a long bridge to a computer area this area has a green door and a camera showing where the green key is slowly being revealed on the far side of the map. go get it. the map is double length down below because I added an abandoned minecavern map that was originally MAP03. now open the green door. there is an orange door leading to a purple key, and a purple key leading to the fungus fields. the orange key is far off in a large cavernous area and here you will find your first "skeleport" that will take you back to the orange door. it will explain, have different sounds and imagery, and be controlled by a dimension of spirits. At the very end a large baron puzzle happens, and the exit leads to MAP03: The Fungus Fields