3:1 The Coil

3:2 Gory Wonderland

3:3 Follow The Leader

3:4 Breeding Grounds

3:5 The Nest

Chapter 3: Black Widow Valleys
With a rope tied to your backpack hooked around a pointy rock above, you enter The Coil the only way you can think of. Now inside, many many tunnels spiral outward that you must venture through, running into Small spiders, Vampire Spiders, Acronyds, Big Momma Spiders, Baby Widows, coilers, and spasms. After this, you enter the Gory Wonderland. With skeletal bridges, blood pools, guts and spleen holding together various bones and twigs for walls. In this level, you get the spacecycle to take on the halfpipes and twisty-turny roads built for it. There is also a hall area with pillars and hideaways for combat with more spiders. the big 3D metallic cube maze also serves as an obstacle to your goal. After this, the big boring blue castle holds the Follow The Leader level. A highlight in this level, would be the Roller Coaster. Before this though, you get to try out another vehicle. The Mechanical Insect. In this, you travel around swatting at things. The fourth quarter of this chapter holds the two black widow levels. First, the nest. In this, there is a hidden wooden roller coaster, many nests with other spiders to worry about, and finally, the big barn-like structure leading to the next level, 'the nest' battle level, where you will take out the queen.

The black widow queen is a clone created by Loki, of Loki, combined with a spider because its head was too oversized to function properly. This spider was asexual and blood mixed, making it asexual, birthing 13 underneath. Their plans for earth? Our brains. Simply put they want to breed and breed and breed again but the 13 black widows want human brains for themselves and their children. Loki's mind was too hellbent on self-destruction and despair. They wanted our human compassion, self-defense, and progression. They watched visuals of earth's people and have dreamed of this for quite some time.

Note: These are a complete and total ripoff of doom, some characters in this plot were originally written for a doom wad. Also, they had chainguns built-in. Pretty um, spiderdemon if you ask anyone. Small spiders that jump around and others with other unique functions are alright. None of these should be mechanical at all. That's one step. Todd's idea of the queen being half female half spider is pretty kickass, but it was supposed to be a loki clone somehow. Maybe something like this. Recent Addition: Dirtman Triaxians are here. They are rabid caveman types. They are purely covered in dirt, they have a single dreadlock of blue ultra-thick hair.