Triax is large enough to hold a single continent the size of texas, which has a mountain three times as high as everest? at least that's what it says in the game. This is where most of Visions will take place. The shores are aqua-blue-green colored, or at least the pages in the pdf book are, heh. The sand is not as finely grated as we are familiar with, leaving crystals. The ocean consists of a ultra-hardened gelatin. If you look deep into it, you will see many full-body alien skeletons, skulls, and miscellaneous bones. There is an array of bluegreen plantlife once past the beaches on this planet. The city of nexus is similar to a city we'd find on earth, only all the buildings are dirty and most don't have windows, though they have the voids where windows should be. Triaxians are the average joes of Triax. They aren't really that harmful. You can talk to most of them. There are however sour ones that hate you. Structures include the execution chambers where you talk to your first tortured earthling, who tells you about the various entities ready to take over earth due to its newfound vulnerability loki had caused then for some reason abandoned. Other structures include stone-like forts build upon the cryptic garden level towards the end in the "forest" of strange plants and animals. At the end of this, you take a Golden Pod to the City. The city is filled with aerial enemies including space dragons and some flying ships. You get to board a MiniUFO here for your first time and take it around shooting at things. This is used to get in high up buildings that you couldn't before, due to problems like fires, bad elevators, general deterioration, etc. I would say for an art direction, mostly blues, dirty but pretty landscapes. And very, very strange. Once out of the city, and past the ghetto, comes the coven of the beast. Loki lifted the skyscrapers from sage.

2:2Crystal Cove
2:3Cryptic Garden
2:4City of Nexus