The Heart
of Catastrophe
The Hollow
The Fungus
of Decay
Skull keep

Earth. 2550. A Doomed Future. This is after the catastrophe decades ago. This small section of earth was formed from a blast. Skull Island used to be part of Arizona until two giant cracks left it an isolated fragment. You start upon the shores where there are glass shards and other bad things such as the fact the cave entrance is nowhere to be found. You must travel back out to the left of the cavern entrance map out in the bad parts of the ocean again to get to the actual entrance. The cave level is not too dark, and not too bright. It shouldn't be too evil and wicked like later worlds in the game, just another little introductory fun area with minecarts, elevators, and sloths you can ride if you wish. The Fungus fields is the first half of the nuclear/nature levels. It has a power plant leaking sludge and chemicals, a nice MiniBronco to ride around, vines to swing on, mutated frog-ghost things, and some actual weapons to fire. The forest is the second half, and it is starting to get dark outside. Here you find a tribe of indians that have left their reservations due to the fact that they pretty much have free reign of america once again. They warn you of the evil spirits of Triax, and some of course try to kill you. You get the bow&arrow and do some indiana jones/tomb raider areas underground. After this, frozen spirits come from the walls as you take your ski-lift down to the glacial caverns. Here you get a snowmobile and skis. There are two main parts, the second being an actual structure within the cave, then its time for the wicked children's story level of labyrinths. There are standard labyrinths, a multiple-story labyrinth, a stairway labyrinth, a 3D labyrinth, and this 3D Donkey Kong-type section that may or may not actually be part of the game. And finally, it's indiana jones time again as you venture into the skull keep, your original destination, and adventure through the six sub-level doors in the hall. Once you get to where the skull is, prepare to be at war with a lot of bastards, since this ends up being the source, or well, target of the invasion. After this, the long fields behind the keep, are where you will wait for your ship to Triax. The Skull was linked directly to the invasion. Now with the target of the Invasion out of the way, it's time to find the source.