In-Game Cutscene: Tubular Force
Encino Alien
After your descent to a walkable area, you arrive @ the frozen triaxian body. His arm has been exposed and burnt from a fragment of the blast. Although this being has been frozen for quite some time, its hand is twitching. Perhaps there could be a way to reanimate this guy, or at least its mind and speech. However its only logical that his entire body should be thawed, and not just the parts you need.

Scattered Pieces
Within the spreading sub-tunnels, there are mild waterfalls from where the explosion disintegrated the bone of the gelatin and left the water. There are parts to a _______ scattered in these tunnels at random as well as ________ to stand clear of. Once you collect all the parts, you may melt the guy and have your convo.

In-Game Cutscene: Conversation with Frozen Guy
He tells you of Drakar and his psychotic brother, who are up to be the next leaders. This of course was over fifty years ago, and he has no idea who loki is. This convo is the one that hides the voice translation glitch by you understanding the guy. and it says "so obviously it must be working after all." Later mentioned, the sages understand all galactic languages.

Fire Water Jello
In the next area there exists a blowtorch only useable on this board. All enemies fade to smoke at this point. There is a cracked, thin wall to cut through in front of you. Also on the map, if you backtrack, are other walls like this to firesaw through. These all melt down while you torch them. Other meltable walls hold secret items like megahealth, etc. This one leads to an aquapodstop with the glass broken out on your side.

Pieces/Area 1
In-Game Cutscene: Escape Tubes
Secret Object