9:1 Satellites of Neptune

Upon First Landing, you land on your helium pad near the Triton Base as your ship remails hovered. If the Quinten Tarrentino Gore Level is selected, there will be body parts everywhere. The guy you were originally talking to on the two-way radios should be here near-death. You try to play off all you can, since he is slumped over in blood, that you are George Lewis. NOW, and only now, do you feel you are really a liar. You ask what happened. (Ok, on this part improvise backwards. Check original visions 1 plot and see about nasa attacking triax. If there is nothing, or not enough, then add something back on chapter 6 when shit is going down). He explains that all three satellites that had linked ULTRA to earth and yourself have been lost completely, and pieces were scattered about into the void of deep space. Some have been detected as landing on various moons of neptune. Maybe if you can collect enough, you can still keep contact and also have access to all the info you need. You don't really need a full satellite, just enough Satellite Pieces to transmit, you can always improvise later. But you've made up your mind and made a promise to collect every single piece possible. After a brief conversation with the guy, the cutscene ends with you leaving in your Helium Pod back into space to your ship.

9:1 is assumed to just be called "Satellites of Neptune" like the chapter. The main hub in the sky is you in your ship, a fair view showing all satellites on screen, and either each one labelled & choices, or a vertical menu of plain white fat 'arial black' font with a list of the submoons. After selected, you fly at time-lapse rate, tilting views and flying straight to the moon, all the way to the moon's atmosphere, where you are shown firing out complete with nerf gun noise, in your heliumpod, until you are next shown coming from above and slowly losing speed for a ground hover.