6:5 Loki's Cube

At the top of the tunnel system, you come to a golden door. Along the walls are many pictures of sage in its living years. (Find original vivid detail of the flashes showing the sages dying and melting away into the ground, becoming spirits, and pulling open the core) You are shown this, thinking the cube is messing with your head, revealing these images from all the spirits that power it on a massive scale. Inside the Golden Door is the cube, but it is locked. All this way and there is a locked door. NASA is nearing and you have absolutely no time left. [This is better in the pretext]

This level is a wretched one. The wall linings are guts and bones. This helps power the largest teleport of all, a cross-planet one. This was the source of the invasion


If Chapter 6 is the end of the game... (If not, skip this section)


Here is where the choice is made. Perhaps as an act of god himself, Loki is now seeing things from the other side.

things to add to ending:

Images shown of all catastrophes so far focusing on the evil. 'you're a bastard loki'. all the twisty parts now shown ending with a first person view again of the george lewis vest being put on, panning to three dimensional, showing loki putting it on. this part plays that 'you belong to me' note from lords of acid, well, a copy of it, you know, the long note? my problem is... who says loki you're a bastard?