3-1 The Coil

Intro Cutscene
blah blah blah blah

Art Direction
This is a dark level with torches here and there to show you what you're up against. And to light needed areas, like triangle pieces, etc. This level has 24. The amulet is 3D and spinning. It will take 24 triangles to complete. Seems pretty insane, but the tunnels are pretty brief and this level's purpose is just to introduce one spider or insect after another and group them in evil patterns causing the difficulty to rise more and more. This is one good reason to allow the player to save at any given moment and be able to start at those exact coordinates. Anyway the art is dark. The walls are a strange grim-gray with this near-larva texture going on. There are tentacles here and there coming out of the walls, but they should be harmless.