2-3 Cryptic Garden

Art Direction
The plantlife is dark blue-green and cyan and some darker purple and violet. No green, just blue-green as the closest thing. Dark blue bark. Dark and beautiful, grim blueberry, fairy looking land. gay but cool.

The First Half
This portion is the actual garden/nature area of the Triax persuasion. An amulet made of rock requiring seven stones. You will take seven small journeys for these, and these all take place among the civilizations. This level is not really important storywise, but its nice to have a good social level for Triax. This is of course only the first half. The second holds the castle setup which is more of a puzzle / adventure level.

The Second Half
For the second half you must collect four triangle pieces for the pyramid amulet. These will activate the golden pod, which takes you to the city of Nexus. The Art of this castle should be strange, since this is Triax. First off, the stone is very dark blue-gray, almost black. Some of it is frozen, while some of it is burning. the four main floors each hold a piece. They will not be easy:

Floor 1

Floor 2

Floor 3

Floor 4