2-1 Crashlanded / Aquapods

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This level is the first Triax Level but upon starting it you can't see Triax's surface. You have crashlanded a bit low into the hardened gelatin but it at least has kept you away from death. Ambient characters in this level are the worm civilization you have disrupted and the suspended dead bodies in the gelatin itself. It is cloudy inside this stuff but still you can see pretty far into it. There are many full skeletons with few pieces missing and every now and then there are heads, arms, ribcages, etc. The worms inhabit tiny holes in the bigger canyon you have hollowed out where tiny inchworm-like MiniSnakes crawl in and out. It is daytime on Triax. The ground and sky colors should make an eerie uneasy backdrop. Either the ground is mostly gray or white crystal-like... or the sky is dark gray and the ground is either purple, aquatic blue, or a strange mix of blue and purple. either this or both are the same color blue as this background. The "ocean" of course is made up of an ultrathick hardened jello substance formed from all of the bonedust circulating on Triax. You wonder just how long it has been this way. You cannot break this, walk through it, or climb it.

You start in your ship, submerged in this hardened gelatin substance. The walls are too hard to get through. Your first mission, is to activate the voice translation computer. In trying this, you discover you need some big batteries. After doing so, you need to find a mobile transmitter/receiver chip for this. It ends up that this thing just snaps into your helmet. It seems to be mailfunctioning, and you search around for another but come up dry. It's time to test this thing. First, you will need to make it to land. Once outside the ship you see no intelligent life in sight. Merely giant unclimbable walls and tunnels burnt out from shrapnel that flew from your ship after a small explosion. This was of course due to the fact you halfass landed in water, but halfass hit bones? Whatever the case you've made some new paths to journey through. Above you can see the skies above Triax. Hopefully you can find a way to see land. Staring closer at the wall closest to you, it seems you have disrupted life. There are tiny holes with what look like... footworms? they're a bit longer than an inch of course, and look more like snakes than worms. The character profile labels these little guys as simply "Minisnakes".