1:1 The Hollow Grounds

1-1 Cutscene
On the boat ride to skull island, you begin to peruse through the bag to make sense of anything. Inside you find a book of CAVE ENTRANCE
Before the level starts, either a sequence or a controlled player portion should exist, right before you hit land, you should take a look at the maps and logbook, overlooking most of it, but stating whats inside and looking at what lies ahead in the next few levels or so, describing skull island, and then a bump causes you to fly out of the boat into the sand, picking up your books, putting them in your bag, and pulling out the highest weapon you have so far, or the last used. Finding the cave entrance is the first part of this short-but-longer-than-the-first level. Almost everything should be linear once inside, meaning the next part you reach should be visible but not too obvious, and making too many choices is too much brainwork for average players. Once inside, a typical cave entrance should be what things look like, a single trail on each edge with rocks in the middle.