Sometime in 2002 and 2003, I began a remake of my Nightmares of Loki mod from 1999 and at the same time uploaded the original to doomworld's /idgames archive. I was trying out jDoom aka "Doomsday" and bugging its author daily with questions on how things were done. This was of course because I could never find a tutorial on it, so I'd bombard him with 3-4 questions every 24 hours while I was working on it. He answered every single time (kudos) never showing any signs of being annoyed. I had planned on an "overworld" map copied 30 times at the beginning of each level for hub emulation and an MP3 soundtrack with hi-resolution textures and lighting effects. When Nightmares of Loki hit the /newstuff chronicles, however, I was highly embarassed of its outcome of hundreds of horrid reviews it seemed, so I released one level, the glacial caverns, and bailed on it.

You can, however, still access its soundtrack! I think I did a pretty good job on handling the different realm types and hope to remake and reuse a lot of the tracks for a later incarnation without the loki-style "four room" format called Otherworldly as I have since written a pretty good plot with a twist, planned on a 60-track soundtrack much like Warlock's 105 soundtrack, planned out all the level names and made a 6 keycards mod to make things a little challenging. I also learned a lot about detailing over the years and though I've never released anything hope to complete this tough task of getting otherworldly made. If you are curious of how the old soundtrack played out, you can access it via the links on the right. They are simply MP3 files linked directly so they should open in whatever default player your internet browser is set to use, embedded or external.

Main Theme
The Heart of Catastrophe
Homelands 1 2 3
Storyline Loop
Hollow Grounds Ambience
Hollow Grounds 1 2
Forest of Decay Ambience
Forest of Decay 1 2 3 4
Forest of Decay Outtro
Glacial Caverns Ambience
Glacial Caverns 1 2 3
The Skull Keep & SK1
Happy Horror
Planetary Whiplash
The Goreplex
Cryptic Gardens Ambience
Cryptic Gardens 1 2 3
Smashing Through ****
Urban Ruins
The Coven
The Cleansing
The Depths
Palace In The Sky