The money is good, the work isn't too bad, and I try to work extremely hard nightly. As you can see by the video, I've always come up with fast techniques in doing things so that I am simply a machine. I am addicted to energy drinks, they are why I work like I do, and I try to balance them while my mind wanders to other things and occasionally will write down ideas for stuff like this website.

People noticed. In fact, after just one year of being back at the USPS, I have already been promoted to Supervisor. I was scared to at first because I'm not the type, but it's a life-changing growth I'm steadily working to achieve. In reality, my workers kick ass, and I don't really have to be all that bossy, just helpful. Everyone wants to work in my area and does it well.

Aside from paying the bills and the house payment, I have some hobbies I like to keep up with. Web design is of course on of the main ones even though it becomes a chore sometimes. I mean like paid hobbies such as making music. It will take some time to finish the contents of this website due to hours of being a workaholic at the United States Postal Service, but that definitely helps me in getting gear and software plugins. I try to sneak an hour or two each night and CURRENTLY am blessed with two offdays.


Yesterday's magnetic media obsession included cassette tapes, floppy disks, and both 100MB and 250MB zip disks. It's all in storage but my original drives are all shot and the 486 that had one is at Goodwill now, while the other drives were USB for my modern device. All have gone out more or less at the same time, so I've moved onto a file cabinet with business card style 64GB flash drives, Blank CDS, DVDs, External Drives, and Blu-Rays that can hold up to 100GB. You should see my doom collection! (it's on the bottom left, in the red case) or all my studio archives.

And when I am at work or elsewhere and I get ideas, which I do ALMOST ALL OF THE TIME when my mind is on overdrive, I've been keeping (since 2010) small pocket-sized leather journals and am up to #146 as of June 2021. These journals as well as my larger more normal looking journals house notes, ideas, music plans, lyrics, web design, game ideas, reminders, doom levels, work notes, and completely off the wall random stuff sometimes. Since I really don't feel like travelling out to the garage right now that second screenshot should be a good enough representation of the 145 pocket journals.

I paint notes but I don't actually need to play the keyboard anymore. I know how, I just opt not to. What is better than one or two hands on a keyboard in a live recording? A preprogrammed piano roll synth orchestra of about twenty or more melody synth lines/instruments and drum synths layered into acid with guitar and even more chopped up drums added, ambience, sound effects, and a personal ten minute mixing session. While in college, I experimented with new interfaces for soundtracks. What I wanted was basically advanced mario paint for adults that sounded like Nintendo or COULD sound like Nintendo. Then I found and fell in love with Synapse Audio Orion.