Well, for starters, none of this is set in stone. More like barely meltable metal. Close, but who knows what the future will hold. I will have two seperate lines that go in a series of music on audio cds sold physically (ON CD!) for five bucks through trepstar, and $1-$3 on bandcamp. The first series will be known as "The Noise Vaults" keeping track of everything with guitar, well ok some doesn't have it, but mainly stuff that uses ACID digital audio workstation. The second series will be known as "The Absynthium Collective" You will notice there's already stuff labelled that on bandcamp but that is the main 2CD set that holds NO outtakes and NO remixes and NO warlock renditions. The new set will be numbered much like the other set, but have all the extra stuff and new remixes that make up that era of time when I made the ORIGINAL albums.

The Noise Vaults is planned to have THESE releases so far: Sweet Sombriety, Maladaptive Humanoid, Smashing Through, Phenomaly, A Taste of Euphoria, Lost Relics, Makina Parts 1 and 2, Plugged, Blueprint (of a death machine), Prototype, and Structure.

The Absynthium Collective is planned so far to have these releases:
Orion Origins
Infernum I
Infernum II
Continuum (Original Recipe)
Continuum (Addendums 1)
Continuum (Addendums 2)
Pixels I and II
Apocalypso 2
Somnium (Extended)
Continuum II (Original Recipe)
Continuum II (Addendums 1)
Continuum II (Addendums 2)
Continuum III (Disc 1)
Continuum III (Disc 2)