Phenomaly is basically part three of a trilogy called the noise diaries. It took place in 2004 and 2005 and had a lot of other collections included for collective purposes. Firstly it was a half CD of the same name, only I moved a couple of tracks to other places. 9 and 10 were epilogues from a lost soundtrack for a game idea now known as Otherworldly which I doubt I'll have a way to make since I don't mess with game development tools enough to create something like the idea I had. Most found the plot to be too large for the genre I wanted to stick it in, which was retro 90's first person shooter/adventure. I got mostly positive feedback for the idea, but I may either shorten it or toss it. The rest of the soundtrack is now included on my page. Anyways 11 and 12 were recorded with Will Henry of Will and Jerry and a voice actor of a couple of games I worked with in college --- and three of his own bands. 13-22 were created for one of those games, No Limits Blackjack (see "Other"), and I called this soundtrack at the time A Taste of Euphoria. 23-26 are basically my favorite 4 tracks from the Otherworldly soundtrack I mentioned earlier.