Orion is a collection that pieces together my favorites out of two discs. I named them Songs From Orion Volume 1 and 2 after the software I used to piece together synthesizer instruments called Orion. I used the two volumes for two games in college but they really needed like 4 tracks a piece, and the rest were for if we ever left the demo phase for those games and made full versions after college classes were done.

I also was getting carried away with the software and had a little too much fun, so they had a lot to choose from. The first collection was for a castle game that didn't work so it was replaced with a sci-fi shooter. The second was basically a Zelda clone with a castle theme. So you'll notice a lot of dark castle-themed tracks and space tracks, which kind of became my thing for a while even on the next collection which was originally called Songs From Orion Volume 3. A lot of my favorite tracks came from Orion, as well as a lot of tracks that ended up being used for Project Warlock's official 2017 soundtrack after some fix-ups and additions.