This is the day I got called upon as a musician found in doomworld by Iain Lockhart (aka Erebus) to help out with an independant fps known as Project Warlock. In the beginning I thought we were up against hundreds and didn't think we would do as well as we did because I didn't know there was still a market for this and many who tried failed before. Man, I was totally wrong. The soundtrack needed basically 65 tracks and I delivered 105 so that Jakub Cislo, the programmer and head guy, could pick what he wanted. David Key was basically the creative director that would harshly critique things so that they came out right, and his help was more than help. It would basically make or break the soundtrack. The game itself (released October 18th, 2018) did very well, and I still find myself perusing old youtube reviewers, promos, streamers, and other uploaders like Kompact who put up the soundtrack to see some more comments good or bad. Weirdly enough, about 95% were good. I was actually shocked my soundtrack did so well. As another of many updates, Jakub couldn't make it to PAX East (click to see pics) in Boston early April 2018 because of visa issues which are now fixed, so they flew me, the only American on the team instead. I had a blast and hopefully did a good job promoting us and getting drunk with two German dudes (the publishers) after the convention. Our next game we promised each other we will meet, and it will be probably another of the coolest times I've ever lived!