Today I received one thousand copies of Will and Jerry: The Primitive Collection in eleven boxes. I am going to give each person I've ever had as a friend and then some a free stack of copies to pass on to their friends, and so on. Hell if you only have one copy burn some for people! Anyways it's official. I'd like to take this moment to personally thank Nate Vaught, though I have already, for the sweet artwork that he did for the cover. He nailed us! I love my keytar and teddy. I don't really understand why Will got the cool shit and I the teddy bear and keytar, but alas, I wasn't really that into metal anymore at the time, so it worked. I didn't ask for any of the extras but I got the cherry hat and everything! If you haven't heard the Will and Jerry music, it's free! Yes when all albums are handed out, at least this album, I'm going to make all of the MP3s available on the website. But only when we are about to run out will I do this, and then they'll be free for as long as the site is up, which as of now has been paid for for five years. But anyways we're pretty much "Weird Al" Yankovic only more extreme and demented. The hits amongst friends are "I Never Knew (You Were A Hermaphrodite)", "Alabama Love", "Smooth Mario Mix", and "Robot Jelly". My dad's favorite is "Kept on Drivin," though he thought the rest were crazy and did not like any others.

UPDATE: I will post the free album digitally when I get the chance (03-16-20)