For two months, has been a thing of the past, because I was quite sure my files were all gone when I forgot to pay my bill on time and ran out of money. But it's back! And in the meantime the week I stayed at Krissie's I spent the time while she was at work resurrecting an older version of the same site and giving it a super-makeover to be similar to the site that was up when the website went down. All of the original files will still be here, but there will be a lot more too! The MP3 collection is on its way because I'm about to wipe my 160G ipod classic and start from scratch, sharing each folder I put on it with the www. Also, there is a new news section as you can see, and the other news blogs and music blogs and whatnot were retired. The updates dynamic-text script is still in effect, just cut to its original size and not a full page. It's on the website's opening intro page, so now you can check to see if anything has changed without actually coming to the site itself! I redid the Will and Jerry site to be better-looking, since Nate may have unintentionally screwed up Will's elbow on the art, plus I was sick of scrolling for the rest of the menu and I'm sure if anyone comes frequently waiting for me to post remix files they are as well. the Noisebox page has changed format, because the planned Noisebox set has changed format as well. Also today I discovered MediaHubs. So I'm totally releasing 8-disc sets with 8"x11" books in them for VERY CHEAP! and I only have to make a few! So I'm making two more "Songs From Orion" collections to get myself back to creating Orion music since i'm recording a whole bunch more Cherry Rounders music soon and in the future, and I'm going to put Cherry Rounders' first collection of discs/albums out as a set for much cheaper than it was going to cost. Both to me and to you! Because now I don't have to release them one at a time and I don't have to overcharge for a 4-disc set through discmakers knowing I'll be ripping people off just to make my money back at least. Mediahubs can be ordered in quantities of ten. The discs I can make myself, and the booklets I can either make myself or order from It's going to be sweet! A huge 8-disc collection with all the lyrics included on paper or in a book! Also Noisebox might go the same route, and eventually Will and Jerry could have a box set for cheap as well. It's not really a box though, it's a book. Similar to the "Books on CD" section of your local library, only the size of standard printer paper and white. I'll see if I can order black but i'm fine with white. The games section has changed to accompany all of the games and game mods I've worked on or am currently working on. Now that I have more free time since I've been laid off, I have ideas out the ass on new doom mods and the motivation to actually learn all the really hard coding and designing. First, though, I may start out with "Pac-Doom". Sure, it's probably been done. But not the ways I want to do it! I'm planning on remixing the mario games much more, even take a stab at Super Mario World. I'll also include EVERY hacked mario rom I can find in a vault of homebrew mario games on the site. I'll patch all the files myself so that they're easier to play and try to make them play online with a java Nintendo emulator. That includes my hacks as well. I'll also take a stab at graphical hacking if I can come up with a good enough level remix of 8 worlds to satisfy me on Super Mario Bros 3. Remember when you were a kid and you wanted to make your own mario game? Maybe not but I do! And I am! I even bought a 4G Powerpak to house every nintendo rom in existance even including hacks to play them on a real authentic Nintendo Entertainment System.

I changed the "About me/Website" section to be one page, like it was before. Honestly I just modified the previous version. I don't know what to do with all the movie and music covers I saved and resized for my "favorite this and that" section but I'll figure something out. The music archive has returned to being a record player, only instead of being the same for years I'm actually going to get around to modifying it to house every single song I've ever made so that you can sample things without the option of downloading before deciding if you want to buy an MP3 collection or two of my shit! The nonsense video section will be under construction, since I only have my college videos and I don't really like those. The stuff and things section will still have downloads, but none of my shit anymore. It's all elsewhere don't worry. I will no longer host tv episodes like I planned I don't think. Just an MP3 and ROM collection for now, and of course the MS-DOS Full-Version classics page. The Cesspool of Links has changed too, and is nothing right now. I'll figure out how to not make it like any of the last versions soon, because I really want to have a links directory of places I go at least so that if another crash occurs I know how to get places I forget the name of. Also I like sharing obviously, and links are no different. The forum is back! Sure it'll be empty but at least there's an alternate way to contact me, and the possibility that I can see what people who come here actually think and want from my site. The password area is still unwritten. Hell I wanted to pay others but i might end up reading how to do it myself. The contact section also needs a little work on being updated because its from over 5 years ago and only one email works (and I no longer use messengers). There are no journals, websites, or programs yet. Those buttons might change also, because I'm wanting a "Songs From Orion" button instead of one of them. Well that's it for my new site, hope you enjoy it or will enjoy it in the future once all the downloads are uploaded! I'm ready to make this whole "under construction" nonsense of years a thing of the past. No more empty "coming soon" pages or anything. It's all going to be here this year! And some box sets and single jewel discs will be available too this year! Not just Noisebox Rev.1 and Will and Jerry: The Primitive Collection. Also I'm going to find cheap methods of advertising my sites to get an audience of weirdos and nerds attracted to me and things I do.