THAT'S ALL FOLKS!... Anyways, a lot of these use the 2011 template I used many years ago and were changed accordingly to accomodate its style. In other words I sifted through eras I thought had important things here and there and reformatted old news entries to fit even older news entries... the versions I liked the best from 2011. This way I didn't create a massive clusterfuck for you to try to read through. You will notice that mostly nothing is the same as it is today, and you will also notice projects that either didn't happen or I've hidden from modern day light. This is for the best. Will and Jerry may make its way to something else once he has time, and Cherry Rounders probably will never surface again. Jerald Wonk was my future comedic name but I don't even know about that one since I'm more into work and making music for games and all that.