In a small series of retarded songs recorded in the forest and at home in 2016, I kept this one! The others were mainly a slur of unwritten recorded gibberish for the sheer funny factor of not knowing what I'm doing, but I researched both math and meth to come up with this tribute to modern small towns overrun with methheads!

It's fun and funny, so write down the words and sing along! God knows I can't find the text file of the lyrics and am too lazy with all this other shit I'm doing to do so, so knock yourself out! The youtube video is on the left instead of a graphic for this song, since it would pretty much be of the same thing anyway.

This song when posted to facebook caught on pretty nicely compared to other stuff I post and attempt, at 800 views on day one and 13 shares amongst friends who loved it. Unfortunately after posting to youtube I still haven't reached that number since day 1 with all other days included. Ah well, I may re-record this later for an alter-ego of prewritten goofy material for fun named Jerald Wonk. I may charge cheaply or may not charge at all for the final product if it happens.