Loki's Realm is the prequel to Visions of Loki. This isn't new news, because I actually started on this game in 2010, but I found the files and I'm going to start all over enabling many many zdoom functions as I figure them out, step by step. This will be my practice game for the real thing, Visions of Loki. The story leads up to it, but from a different character's perspective. I'm going to "borrow" music from my own personal archive, mainly from the "songs from orion" series and I might make some new ambient tracks and music, hell I might just make it all new.

Planned Maps:
01 wastelands
02 the black forest
03 loki's realm entrance
04 four portals
05 toxic labyrinth
06 valhaden underground: east
07 valhaden underground: west
08 fortress alpha
09 urban ruins
10 biotechnica: west
11 biotechnica: east
12 biotechnica: south
13 downtown
14 city of torzur : west
15 city of torzur : east
16 fortress beta
17 lava oceans
18 volcanic chambers: level 1
19 volcanic chambers: level 2
20 volcanic chambers: level 3
21 hellfire cove
22 ghost cave
23 stone palace
24 fortress omega
25 redlands: level 1
26 redlands: level 2
27 skull palace: realm a
28 skull palace: realm b
29 loki's palace: west
30 loki's palace: north
31 loki's palace: east
32 loki's palace: south
33 loki