Unfortunately for almost no one, since there really isn't a fanbase anymore, Cherry Rounders is no more. The lost saga can be found here with omitted post-cd1 stuff that may come back later but is around newgrounds as cherryrounderz from way back when. the story summary is found on the lost saga bandcamp album page, and the album is free. It is done. It won't happen, and I'm sorry but this nuisance will probably never return. I have embedded here and there the idea into future sites as sort of a nostalgia thing with a possible perk, but alas, it's completely retarded. I knew this, I didn't care about this because it was all in good fun, but really, it's not that funny unless you're a few people that I knew, as well as Will and Jerry wasn't really anything but raunch to most others. I'm no Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of Southpark, because I wouldn't know how to handle all the mad people anymore because it just isn't what I do. Plus if I'm not "big" its more or less just something to concern people, friends, and family. This is of course a backdated entry to when I made the website first flirting with this decision aftter years of nothing, but it is here to stay, and to any fans that could have possibly stuck around back then, I am sorry.