Well, another christmas has come and gone. There was never a time this year when the entire family was together at the same time, but at least I got to give everyone their gift in person. My oldest sister and her husband, apple users, got app store cards for their ipad and iphones. I even threw in some screen wipes. Her son Jack got an elephant that shoots balls out of his trunk into the air. My new girlfriend as of last month, pictured on left, got an acoustic guitar. My brother max (larry) got 5 xbox 360 games. Don't freak out, although they were all new they were from the bargain bin at best buy. Bio Shock, Bioshock 2, Red Dead Redemption the zombie one, a dinosaur hunting game, and a flight / combat simulator. My second-oldest sister got a martini set, her husband got RAGE for PS3, while I got it for 360, and I got their kid Christopher a Nerf N-Force with 72 bullets (they loved me for that) and Brianna four Cra-Z-Art kits, including a spirograph. My sister shelly got a prepaid visa for $50, I got my mom and dad a blu-ray player and my dad got a harry potter 8-film collection, The Big Lebowski on blu-ray, and Gettysburg on blu-ray, and I got my mom the Wizard of Oz 70th Anniversary blu-ray and a Limited Ed Willy Wonka box full of random things. It's actually pretty cool. It has a 144 page booklet with some pretty high quality pictures on the making of the film. I got some godiva, some bathroom things, a shaver, RAGE for Xbox 360, 12-months gold Xbox live membership, money, and new clothes.

But most importantly, I met someone new last month. Her name is Krissie. She sings karaoke constantly and is really good at it, and was in two bands. She loves horror flicks and suspense thrillers, just like me. Most bands I like, she likes. Food I like, she likes, food I hate, she hates, with like 2 exceptions. I like my steak rare, she does not, etc. Small things. She totally got everyone in my family a gift, a pretty nice gift for only knowing me for a month. For christmas like I said, I got her an acoustic guitar with a strap, picks, strings, a carrying bag, a dvd on how to play, and free online lessons. She got me kurt cobain's death certificate (a copy of course) framed, a movie with two actors I like that I've never heard of, called The Promotion, and the coolest laptop bag in existance. I the thing has 14 descent-sized pockets and is set up like a book, where you flip to the page with the pocket you want. 8 floppy-sized, 4 cd-sized, and one huge laptop-size pocket where I store my cord. There are also two compartments for laptops, so I can carry both of mine If I wanted to. Plus she said there's still three gifts to come that are on back order, all three of them having to do with the kurt cobain gift. Those who knew me knew Nirvana was my favorite band. So I'm pretty excited to see what she got me. Also I must point out my last girlfriend Heather was kind of a cute disguised satan. Seriously I could write a book about that but I'd rather just... write a brief summary on here someday or something if I ever get to explaining what caused me to put a rake through my car window that one time. But anyways Krissie is nondenominational. Meaning she loves everybody. She's a caring person and so domesticated and old-fashioned that she gives eskimo kisses but with a twist of knowing quite a bit about modern things. It's like I found a girl with amish values but loves sex and video games. She's like Heather with a personality. I'm thinking from how she feels about me that this will end up long term, or longer than the last two year relationship, a record for me since high school. No more horrible or scary first dates! I met her at a bar, the only time I went in a long time, and she only goes tuesdays to sing karaoke with her friends, so she's totally not bar trash. It's amazing! I'm rather happy really. In fact this is the first day I'm spending in a week visit at her dad's house, basically helping her house-sit for her dad. Don't worry we're not mooches. I moved out to Indianapolis twice and just had bad experiences and a breakup with the girl I lived with, while she just now got through a messy divorce with an abusive ex-husband. So we're both happy to have met each other! There are also no worries of my new schitzophrenia diagnosis (even though even she thinks I'm not because her ex was and I'm nothing like him) because she has p.t.s.d. and anxiety, and sometimes panic attacks. So we're all crazy together it's great. Yet we're not, not at all.

Christmas last year was made possible by $17,000 disability backpay in the bank. This year it was made possible by a seasonal job at Amazon.com. It was actually a good easy job I wanted to keep, but unfortunately a few days before Christmas I got laid off. The place I worked was 1.4 million sq ft, and it had so much stuff if I sold it I wouldn't even need to be a top ten hollywood actor. The job required 12-20 miles a day of pacing around filling a tote (plastic bin) on a cart and using the scanner to find the next product I needed to get. It was something like Mod B aisle 52 row 384 shelf B. So I'd pace around to B if I wasn't already in it, jog my happy ass down to aisle 52 of 72 in Mod B, run to row 384 and shelf B would be the second shelf up. Odd rows were on one side while evens were on the other. Anyway its a boring job but I got my rate up pretty high before my previous rate and attendance got the best of me. Next year I'll re-apply and there will be another kickass Christmas. Hopefully I'll get hired on permanently because I'm totally destined to. Anyways I'm signing off from this longer-than-usual entry. I had a good Christmas, and so did my family, and so did my new girlfriend Krissie. I'm pretty happy!