So in 1999, I recorded dumb stuff for fun. In 2000, Napster installed and shared all my files. In 2001, I found out through a friend I had an actual fanclub devoted to this character for the song "I Eat Poop." My oh my! Then in 2003 THIS happened.

I resurrected a lot of old songs and added a small new selection of my own and El Pee was made. It of course is a play on the acronym LP for long-play which was usually given to records over 35 minutes long that counted as an album. The classics "My Butt," "Kangaroo," and a few renamed suprise tracks like "Friends of Mine" were recorded and mailed in cd-r form to fans around the world (ok there were few that I got in contact with) but nothing really more ever happened with this actual album.

It is available now here for free.

Have a tracklist!
Nuttin' Butt Luv 4 My Homiez '03 03:46
Schnoz Focker 02:33
My Butt '03 02:20
Kangaroo 03:31
Llama Dong 01:39
Toilet Monster 00:34
I Eat Poop 03:09
Friends of Mine 03:36
Loved By You 01:07
Pi 01:47
Bodies In The Mailbox 06:09
Dirty Mind 02:26
Dumped (Analingus Love Ballad) 02:40