Well what started as a trip to see "The Mustachios" further escaladed into a trick to get me drunk and on stage to perform "Nuttin Butt Luv 4 My Homiez" and "Alabama Love" with 16 people on stage helping with the latter. It took the booking guy months to get me to do this, and October 29th, an official slot for "Will and Jerry" has been announced. We haven't settled on a setlist, I'm hoping to open with a newer version of "The ABCs of Sex" to give local fans that come to see us some new material, and to talk about cherry for a few seconds, maybe to give the web address for more info and music, but all I know is that my mondays and tuesdays are filled with practicing. Click this blog entry's title for the Will and Jerry facebook page so that you can view some live shots from our very first appearance on stage together.