For fans of the limewire/napster/kazaa hit "I Eat Poop", here comes the new version of the real album, seven years later, by the same Cherry Rounders. That's right. This time he faces a full storyline as the tracks progress and cherry returns from seven years in the desert to put on a concert only to be booed off-stage leading to his downward spiral and eventually prison sentencing. that was meant to be a run-on sentence. There is a lot more to the adventures of cherry rounders as its the world's first sole artist's album to be released as an MP3-ROM. Yes that's right! There are ten regular albums within this monstrosity, and its all for the price of one album! No middle man, no record companies, just a fresh copy from me straight to you without catalogs, record bins, or any of the other hassles. Just order it online! When it is finished that is. Oh, and i almost forgot... The cover art was designed by Nate Vaught, who normally only does Metal art. Don't worry, there are still skulls and wrongness to this masterpiece.

Update: It never got finished. Here's the first disc and detailed story cut-outs of the lost saga on bandcamp for free.