This Soundtrack was made during my last couple months of ITT Tech and during the remaining winter following up until April. Tracks include songs I found on my laptop that were lost when I had no AC, songs I made after SFO 2 that were still for Sin Harvest, And new songs I started for the game design group for a new card game project they have been working on.

Songs From Orion III was created using Orion Platinum 5.8 and Acid Pro 5.0 with added sound effects and guitar parts here and there. Songs have been strung together in a montage grouped by Beats Per Minute to create one neverending track split into loops and full songs. This is my longest soundtrack yet but the individual tracks are a lot shorter.

03-08-06 0:48 090bpm 01. Message From God Ambient, Intro Track. 11-18-05 0:48 090bpm 02. Slithering Through Space Original Intro Track. 02-13-06 1:46 090bpm 03. RELIVING THE MOMENT Sure its repetitive but it sounds pretty. Its a very full track. 11-20-05 0:43 090bpm 04. Brain Forest A last minute mix of 'Aquamarine' and an intro track for the next song. 11-20-06 1:46 090bpm 05. THE OMNIPOTENT A Slow Grungy Pounding Dark Industrial Track with Dark Dance Elements. 11-22-05 1:25 090bpm 06. HYPERBOLE Another slow industrial track with good bass. 11-18-05 1:25 090bpm 07. Neptune An in-betweener track consisting of the original Neptune Loop. 03-28-06 1:36 090bpm 08. THE RESORT A new song I'm really fond of stuck in later due to its matching number of beats per minute. 02-13-06 1:14 090bpm 09. A Call From Below I can't find the original date, but this was the date I added all the randomness in. This was done in November of 2005 and was just an in-betweener. 09-21-05 1:17 090bpm 10. SCATTERBRAIN My favorite orion song for the longest time. I made this one a few weeks after I finished SFO2 and meant for SFO2 to have a second disc. This one was originally titled 'Gone'. It started up the second disc, and bled from Track 30, The End, off of Songs From Orion II. 11-20-05 2:10 120bpm 11. THE SACRIFICE A very slow dark evil track with reoccurring scary fragments. 11-17-05 0:29 120bpm 12. The Coil Originally Dark Coil, now just coil. Kind of an in-betweener with some clips from the last song and next song added to blend. 11-17-05 1:03 120bpm 13. The Bleeding House A European-Arabian Track that isn't very long, with Royalty-Free Acid Loops and more later drumbeats I made during this compilation added. 11-01-05 0:56 120bpm 14. Mailfunction A heavy-ish Battle/Running Track. 11-22-05 0:48 120bpm 15. Cosmic Waste Another track with a four-note Ultran bass. This one has some crispy echoed space licks on top of it, and real guitar added when I put this constantly-running compilation together. 11-01-05 2:15 120bpm 16. EERIE VISAGE A pretty eerie track with ambient windchimes added to the beginning when forming this Montage. Simply some drums with strange bass, and then a distorted trumpet loop, organ effect loop, and other eerie loops and lines with faster pounding drummings. 11-20-05 1:43 120bpm 17. WINGED INSTRUMENTS Strange instruments, possibly annoying, the the second halfs/chorus section consists of an eerie four-note climb backed with lots of other additives. 11-01-05 0:48 120bpm 18. Jewels of Jupiter The third song I made for SFO3. The second was Digital Terror, and the first was scatter brain. Hip Hop loops from were added. Very nice and catchy. 11-16-05 0:48 120bpm 19. Carnival Dreams Clowns! Drums were added for this montage 03-08-06 1:12 120bpm 20. Ticks A weird track I found that reminds me of stomp. Ticks means the bug, and the sound made on closed high-hats. 03-24-06 2:31 120bpm 21. THE INFERNAL PATH One of the first Orion songs, Scatter Brain was the other, to use full imported Sony VST effects for each instrument it consists of. This made a big difference. 03-28-06 1:04 120bpm 22. YELLOW-GREEN SKIES A short "sequel" to SFO2's Red-Orange Skies. More or less an eerie loop I accidently did, with building crunchy and pounding drums. Slightly over a minute long. 03-03-06 0:48 120bpm 23. Race for the End of the World My girlfriend Heather named this one. It sounds more like cutscene music than battle music. originally just an .sfs file called 'Kombat' with the date 3-3-6 at the end. 11-21-05 0:48 120bpm 24. Satan's Ulcer Originally called Scrap1.sfs, and originally just that. I would have incorporated it into a song later but I did change it a little and fit it into this montage as a short 48 second loop. Very Unique Loops and Organ Lick 11-24-05 0:31 120bpm 25. Front and Center Scrap2.sfs, also 48 seconds. Also has some strange organ noises stirring and cool drums. 11-01-05 1:35 120bpm 26. DIGITAL TERROR The second track I made for SFO3 and originally either track 2 or track 32 (back when I was going to do the korn-follow the leader thing). 03-24-06 0:48 120bpm 27. Coffee for Hitler Lame name I know, This could have branched into a bigger song but I got sick of it, gave it a dumb name, and left it, then did the next song. This one was labelled Throwaway.sfs then renamed to 3-34-6Throwaway1.sfs. 03-24-06 0:48 120bpm 28. The Everlasting Furnace Originally named throwaway2.sfs. Overpowering Fuzzy Bass with speckled high things on top. 11-24-05 0:48 120bpm 29. The Celestial Path Originally just called SFSfun.sfs from the date shown, but in march the second half was added. 11-20-05 0:40 120bpm 30. Star Refinery There were three versions of refinery and this was the third, renamed to Star Refinery because of the high parts and the existance on Songs From Orion 3. The other two were the same, one was just slowed down, and its loop exists as a hidden track. Oops, did I just write that? 11-01-05 2:05 120bpm 31. AN ANGEL'S REGRET Had various names, Angel's Remorse, Angel's Regret, Angel's Sorrow, Angel's Revenge, and there were originally going to be two with contrasting names but its really not that great of a track. It is however, very pretty and very full. 01-24-06 1:03 120bpm 32. A TASTE OF EUTOPIA My girlfriend Heather was standing nearby when I played the beginning part on the keyboard. I kind of dug it, though I acted like I didn't. The full song I came up with for it by accident is really catchy though. Kind of a sorrowful spaced out 80's europop sound. 11-18-05 1:35 080bpm 33. SATURDAY MORNING THEME Originally Saturday Morning Special, then Saturday Morning Supervillians, then Saturday Morning Battle Music. It had to be shortened because I wanted all the names to look nice together. Its kind of a comic book duel after a while, kind of. Heather disagrees. 03-28-06 3:12 080bpm 34. GATHERUM II This was made especially for Jack Montalto, who can use it if he wants to in the game, but its pretty much just for his own personal amusement. And check out that time. Much more progressive than the first on SFO1. 11-20-05 1:12 080bpm 35. ASSAULT AND PEPPER Very dark background theme to something or some event or cutscene. Short. 03-08-06 2:00 080bpm 36. WOK WITH ZEUS This is an instrumental for a stupid comedy song called 'Jesus is Watching Yoo' I started while working at Marsh and never finished. 03-03-06 3:12 080bpm 37. MEDUSA'S CLOSET* A very nice track I'm proud of, but now I'm sick of it. 03-08-06 5:12 080bpm 38. Medusa's Chanttrack Remix* It starts with the chant loop this time. Still not fully satisfied with it. Oh well. Others will hopefully like it. 11-01-00 0:44 065bpm 39. Far Far Away Thought to be the last track on the original line-up of SFO3 back when it was just 30 tracks also, matching SFO2. Now its just random shrapnel. 11-20-05 1:40 115bpm 40. Zelda Remix*** I had forgotten about this for a long time. Its a remix of the theme from the original NES classic that halfway through turns into Techno. I'm not sure if I meant to keep going with the adding of things or not, but here it is. 11-01-05 1:07 100bpm 41. HAUNTED MIND This was of the ten tracks I made right after SFO2 that ended up being used for Sin Harvest. 11-01-05 1:16 100bpm 42. FLOURISHING This was originally called 'Victory Song' but that was cheap, so I looked up the dictionary meaning of flourishing and it sounded good to me. 09-05-05 1:07 100bpm 43. ECHOES FROM HELL. 03-29-06 1:36 100bpm 44. KARMA SURGE It may be short and not so full of parts, but this is my favorite of all the new stuff, and currently as I type this, my favorite song on Songs From Orion III. Reminds me of El Scorcho a little too much for some reason though. 03-29-06 0:38 100bpm 45. Brown Out A short something I made after the Surge. I made another after it and planned on a bunch of short loop tracks that all bled into each other hardcore, but unfortunately Orion started having a crashing fit. 11-24-05 0:38 100bpm 46. Vital Organs Heather likes it. Originally just 'Organist.sfs' but I found it and added some eerieness to the end. Pretty demonic sounding. 11-11-05 2:14 100bpm 47. ACID TRIP** The first of eight songs I found on my laptop. This one was just labelled '3 rave.sfs'. I added a lot to the end since to make it very full. 11-11-05 1:16 100bpm 48. METAMORPHOSIS** Second of Eight Discovered Laptop Tracks. '2 techno.sfs'. When I first found it I called it 'Strolling through the Dark' but after I added to the end of the original and carried it out pretty far, I renamed it with a better name. 09-03-05 1:55 100bpm 49. RAINBOW PANTS** Such a shitty name I know, and the track really isn't that bad now that I tinkered with it. I just can only think of rainbow pants now when I think of it. So that's the name. Sorry. 03-31-06 1:16 100bpm 50. MOUNTAIN PEOPLE** Happy Mountain People Dance. I made this on my laptop right before I found all of those other seven tracks. I guess I didn't mean eight after all? This one's new, and the last song I made for SFO3. Very catchy but short and lacking the piano lines it needs. 09-07-05 1:36 100bpm 51. STELLAR COMA** This was fun to add to. I'm happy with the final product, even though its short. Its very dark, eccentric, and mindfucking. 09-27-05 0:38 100bpm 52. A Taste of Hysteria** Originally called asdfasfskdhfshfl.sfs. Short. 09-29-05 0:24 100bpm 53. Lava Soda** Originally a drum track with a muted noise on my laptop. I added more noise to the unmuted noise and there we go. Twenty-Four Seconds of Blah. 11-11-05 0:32 100bpm 54. The Meadow** Fitting name. Originally just called '1.sfs' with no subtitle word. 09-21-05 0:52 135bpm 55. Gay Goose (Bonus) I made this the same day and time I made 'ScatterBrain' but wasn't serious about putting it on here. It is pretty catchy though. I had renamed it to 'The Frolicking of Gay Geese' but named it back due to name sizes fitting on the tracklist.