Get ready to fire up the old Nintendo Entertainment System (or retrousb). Well, not quite yet but you'll be happy to know that I have hacked Super Mario Bros. Well maybe you won't be too enthused. It's actually playable online eventually if you don't want to go through the emulator download process, though I recommend playing flashback games on a nintendo emulator or better yet a NINTENDO! (See How Here). Its exactly the same as the real game because IT IS! Emulation serves as a program imitating the mechanics of a real nintendo while rom files serve as the games. Although Nintendo strictly prohibits the rereleasing of their games via roms, hopefully they won't be too upset with these hacks I've decided to release in full. One has been finished and others are well on their way. The worlds of the first official release (there are bugs) are less than four, while the 8th world features 2 extra levels, totalling six. Good luck! Jerry's Remix 2 isn't done, just half done. @#@*&^'s remix is pretty much a lost cause since we split up, but enjoy world 1! It's pink and everything's girly for the most part. "Another World" is a Super Mario Bros 2 single level rom, and when you beat the level it just loops. I don't know why but I didn't want to remake the level I had in mind like a thirteenth time. I was tired. Sh*t didn't work out right. And finally Super Mario Bros 3 From Hell is the last rom I did so far. It's only 2 worlds and the second is broke and I can't fix it and have no backups of how things were before, and I'm growing bored with the mario thing already... so enjoy! Maybe some day I'll come back with actual thought-out ideas and work harder but honestly there's only so much you can do with a basic level editor.