After a fourteen-track soundtrack and probably about one hundred voiceovers and sound effects, No Limits Blackjack was made. Todd Flanagon from the other two games did the graphics while Travis Cooley did the coding. You can actually see the full credits on this page.

The voiceovers could sometimes be offensive but it was a class project, so anything went, and the teacher didn't really mind as long as the game worked. Apparently our class was one of very few to get this to happen. The voices included: Announcer that announces himself, the asian, computer voice, The dealer, The gay dude, the nerd, pimp and ho, the preacher, the redneck, the stoner, the tough guy, and the valley girl. Most of these voices were written by myself and friend Will Henry, while he did most of the voices. Also enlisted at the time was my then girlfriend Becky who did the ho, and the valley girl. The whole thing was retarded but fun to do!

The soundtrack is available dirt cheap here since I liked the tracks and felt they were worth that dollar.