Technically, Songs From Orion IV has been finished for a while, especially the first half which was done in 2006. The second half in 2011 early in the year, but I never placed them together and gave them the official title "Songs From Orion IV" until I created the intro for the second half just a couple weeks ago. The first half is titled "Omnium Gatherum" and the second is titled "Eclipse"

The 'Omnium Gatherum' portion was done at my last girlfriend Heather's house back when she lived with her parents. It features some really good tracks I enjoyed more than everything else, but of course there were some duds too. The track 'Omnium Gatherum' was originally to be called 'Gatherum III' and was going to be a half hour set of 45 second tracks all linked together but I quit because of the fact the person I was making it for was having a fued with me. I may make another Gatherum now that we're friends again, and our game design team is back in business, minus a graphic artist. The second half of this was technically made for our next game, "Shadows" but without an artist there's no hope and I'm about to try to do it myself just to see if I can. The second half, Eclipse, has an intro made months later and nineteen tracks I was told all sound like they belong together. There are suprisingly some gems in that collection too.

Songs From Orion 5-11 are planned, ideas were made, and I have decided to upload each track I make for them as I make them to the Orion Samples sub-webpage. Songs From Orion 5 will be entitled Omega and will be whatever I want it to be. Songs From Orion 666 will be entitled The Devil's Playground and will feature scary suspensful satanic demonic dark dreadful tracks. Songs From Orion 7 will be entitled At Heaven's Gate and will be full of peaceful tracks made to help someone, mainly my mom, sleep. Songs From Orion 8 will be called October and will be a halloween background track. Songs From Orion 9 will be called December and will be a Christmas album. Songs From Orion X will be Classic Video Game Themes and Songs Remixed, and finally, Songs From Orion 11 will be Cover songs I created using mainly Orion. It will be a complete experiment and I haven't decided if I want to add real vocals or not. When I'm done I'm buying some Mediahubs and I'm making box sets with inserts printed at Kinko's or one of the disc replication websites that will allow me to buy only 50 copies. Then I will contact Synapse Audio, makers of Orion, and send them a copy to see if they want to do anything with it :) That would be sweet!