JANUARY 14th 2020
The buttons were reworked to not be acme label strips but instead revert to 5 letters and have images to accompany them. My friend at work is making an HD video to be in the background of each and every "Noise Diaries" track for Youtube. I don't have the final file yet or I'd get to work. I have a brand new gaming computer with a massive screen, so my website will constantly be checked on my laptop and eventually phone to make sure everything fits correctly. Only a few buttons work until I get some temporary placeholders in line.

JANUARY 4th 2020
I decided to remove the Cherry Rounders site for now. I may bring it back if I ever record for it again. For now, it's somewhere else.

JANUARY 3rd 2020
I finished the doubled-up layout to the Cherry site, which is really all I can do for now until I possibly record more for it. Later today I hope to start the more serious music sections of this site.

JANUARY 2nd 2020
If for some reason anyone would ever visit the nostalgic Cherry Rounders site again, It's now been updated since like 2013.

JANUARY 1st 2020
This landing site has been made, and will house the news portion of the 055 website, www.jerrylehr.com