UP NEXT: "Pandemonium" "Continuum III" then finally "Momentum"

These are just plans following the "-um" idea of album title naming. These are also placeholder graphics. This will of course be sort of a semi-sequel to the Armageddon EP, only 10x better. I'm of course speaking about Pandemonium, which should span 2 discs much like Continuum III will end up doing, with the second being known as Stellarium. Continuum III is actually a split album whereas disc one will finish the "story" style tracklisting of Continuum II, while the second disc will not have a continuous sequence and house some of my favorite and hopefully best space tracks. Pandemonium will be made up of six 25-minute EPs. They will PROBABLY go in this order if they keep the same names: Insanus, Rabidus, Infernus on disc one. Disc two will have Malum, Apocalypso, Tantrum. If Continuum III goes as planned, it will have 100 tracks exactly, 50 on each "SIDE" or disc. It will be another mega-album like the rest, only house its own one album instead of having two like the first set CONTINUUM I AND II. These EP titles are subject to turn into track titles, and NOTHING is set in stone, even the name of the album itself or the fact it is also two discs like the last releases. I'm also thinking of doing "Dungeon Synth" with the titles Sanctum (click for demo) and Odium to be actually released in physical form on cassettes, under the name Gatherum. Wish me luck, I've lost my mind! Opium EP will also be a thing existing on the Momentum double album, along with possibly Bellus and Satis on the second softer disc. The first will be the opposite.