When I plugged my guitar in to the software I was messing with all the time at this point, I was anxious to get out all of the tracks I made up in high school on the guitar for a band that was a fail. My favorite is the one that took weeks off and on in the background, Angel with Horns which usually ends up first anywhere. Anti was the one that originally I played a lot faster and will someday make a video for youtube of such high speed playing. Golden is the pretty one that also had a little bit of more elaborate made-up guitar playing. I'll show an acoustic video of that one. I gave it a hip hop beat but want to redo it sometime when I record the first Organized Chaos album. Porcupine also got a slight hip-hop beat that is really more techno. Disc 1 is 2001, and Disc 2 is 2002-2004. I hereby promise to bring guitar playing back very soon.