This is the first draft of the redux album Maladaptive Humanoid, released November 1st, 2021. I will have a 2nd draft later, and when I do I will just replace the album on bandcamp and the cover will have the second date too. I feel as if I jumped the gun on this one and released it early. It may end up fine as-is but who knows, I may get bored someday. If I do not end up having a second draft, I'll just save the crazy shit for a remix album with the other first four albums that I have planned. Anyways my wife painted this cover on a 3" x 3" miniature canvas I found at walmart for $1.29 and it took her no time at all but ended up looking pretty neat and fitting to the title. She actually made this before I made the title.

The track-by-track rundown goes as follows:

01 "Somewhere Else" is a simple intro with a weird arrangement for a weird album. It's not really all that eerie or anything unless you count the alien winds in the beginning. It's just a couple simple synth lines and simple guitar line with some minimal drums. I do like it though. I don't know why but I'm glad to hear it when I pop this in every now and again

02 "The Storm" was from 2003 and a redo of the same track from 2001. The first one sounded JUST LIKE tool, so I redid it. I think oddly enough with this being just a random track back in the day that its the best thing on here. That's just my opinion though.

03 "Silt" is a high note intro to Black Melody 2018. I recorded it the same day in 2018

04 "Black Melody 2018" is a remake of my Pitch Black Melody from 2001, but I actually put the original intro from the 90's back in that I have no clue why I took out.

05 "Beautesque" was an orion-only track in 2019 that didn't really go on anything. I could have had it as an interlude on the next big Absynthium album that probably won't happen but won't now

06 "Asshole" was made in 2001 and brand new. Not a 90's rehash, none of that. It's primitive I think, maybe not, but it's definitely very industrial. I love the keyboard parts towards the end. Check those out if you will.

07 "Manipulation" had lyrics in 2003, and was made in 2001. This is the 2001 version. The original from the 90's was WAY faster but I like it this way better. I may have the 90's version rehash on one of the remix albums in the future with some unique stuff added.

08 "Death's Vanity" aka "The Picture of Dorianna Gray" was another synth/orion track from 2019 I didn't use for anything. It was weird enough to fit here

09 "Black Melody - Synth Version 2016" is just what it says, and nothing more

10 & 11 "Frozen Time" and "Interdimensional" once had different names, but when I found these tracks they were mixed up with vocal tracks numbered 01-06.mp3 and I had no clue. I gave them these names because they seemed sci-fi enough to fit. They were done with Will Henry, the same guy from No Limits Blackjack voiceovers, Sin Harvest voiceovers, and the full NSFW Will and Jerry album I may or may not include on this blog sometime soon at least.

12 "Pitch Black Melody" 2001 was the remake of the 90's song with the intro removed and being very dark sounding

13 "Ghosts Intro" leads into track 14 which leads into track 15. All three were once the same track last year. The intro track is basically a small portion of Ghosts of the Past stretched heavily with a program I've used a couple of times called Paul Stretch. very good ambience software if you'd like to check it out. It's free and on mobile as well as all the main OS's I think

14 "Ghosts of the Past" was once pretty minimal but a few years back I added the extra drums you hear. I also added the stretched intro and the next track...

15 "Newbourne Identity" is a purely synth/orion track that was leftover in, you guessed it, 2019.

16 "Connect The Dots" is one of my all-time favorite tracks from 2001 and honestly from ever. I will have a fast heavy version (seriously) on one of the remix albums. It's a nice peaceful ending to the Maladaptive Humanoid album. I hope you enjoy it!