MAKINA is a collection of my earliest stuff involving computers and making music with them. I didn't use guitar yet on the first half nor did I honestly even think about it. I was just learning Sonic Foundry's ACID which is now Sony's ACID Software. I bought all sorts of $50 loop libraries when I wasn't at work and laid them out on this DAW software, endlessly chopping loops from drums to synths to other stuff, and sound effects. I did a hell of a lot of pitch bending on the loops so that I could create melodies when usually the loops themselves didn't even have any. The drums were chopped to the point where they were no longer recognizable even as royalty-free loops so basically I invented my own beats out of stock pieces. Track 11 was a track made for a female rap group called Entity that never came to be. Track 12 and 21 are sequels to Machine March which was my first track kept for the first ten tracks, also known as Dybbuk: Defined Static in 2000. Tracks 13, 14, and 15 were used in 2017 for the soundtrack for Project Warlock, but only the second and third were created for it. The first was made in 2001, and the second and third came from tracks 16 and 17, which were also recorded in 2001. Track 18 is the sequel to Third Degree (aka metallurgy) and was recorded later in 2004 for the fun of it. Tracks 19 and 20 were recorded in 2001 with the others, Manipulation just had too much of a machine sound not to include here, and Triax was an outtake to the Anamorphosis that you know.

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A good example of drums chopped beyond recognition would be this: