I ♥ old games. These are some of the most recent best on Wolfenstein 3D Dome. I will get to making a mod soon...

This is the conclusion to the Operation Mutant Strike series. As with its predecessors, it features ten seamless levels, story screens between certain levels, and of course, hordes of mutants and monsters! A text manual is included with the zip file, and it's recommended that players read the included story before playing, although it's not required (nor is familiarity with the previous Mutant Strike games, although playing them first may enhance the OMS3 experience).

This edition from AReyeP has all new levels, 2 being contributed by ack. There are a few modifications: Landmines are only in specific outdoor areas. Death Artefacts are very rare. All secret pushwalls are marked in some fashion by an odd object or a picture on a wall. Bosses are tougher on the harder skill levels and level names are displayed when starting a level. The conversion to SDL was done by Andy Nonymous. Original coding was by MCS Amsterdam.

The levels are very well made with a wide variety of scenarios. As this set concentrates on high quality mapping, it will especially suit those who like playing the original game. The coding was done by Havoc.

Now in SDL, the 3 episodes (30 levels) have a wide range of mapping styles but they are all good and blend in well together. Mappers include Loki, Arielus, Adam Biser, ack, Merthsoft, Ringman, Dean, Ronwolf and myself. Virtually all the graphics, sounds and music are new and although the Wolf3d feel is retained, the mod also has a feel of its own and with a very good storyline. Others involved in the mod include Andy Nonymous (coding and coordination), Tricob/Hair Machine (music), and Majik Monkee (title screen). There is a fuller credits list in the text file included in the zip.

All levels have been replaced and are made to a high standard of mapping. Because the idea was to make the mapset as "pure Wolf3d" as possible, there have been minimal changes made to the EXE. Some ceiling colours and par times have been altered. Overall it is a very good set and will especially suit those who like the original game.

ONLY RUNS IN DOS. This a prequel to Penguindog's first mod 1945 The End of the Third Reich. There are 30 levels (18 + 1 normal levels, 2 secret levels, 7 Super Secret levels and 2 Ultra Secret levels). The maps are designed well and nicely decorated. There's a mix of original and imported graphics and sounds but the Spear feel and style has been retained well. Secrets are easier to find and often marked with a skeleton next to the wall or nearby. Coding is mainly as in Third Reich but with the Pacman Ghosts recoded, the Spear flag code implemented and a few other things. There's more info in the detailed document included.

World War I based. The levels are very well made. Virtually all the graphics have been changed and along with the new sounds and music give the game a feel of its own. Code changes include gun bobbing, intrart, ingame messages, textured floors/ceilings and a lot more. It all blends together very well and feels more like a new game rather than a mod. There's more info and the download at Mod DB.