I've always been interested in music. At a very young age I remember playing my parents' upright piano and my favorite toy was a Fisher Price record player. In 1988, around 7 years old, I began recording my own multi-track songs with our stereo, a boombox, and some used cassette tapes. I was also taking piano lessons at this time. From ages 8 to 13 I recorded rap mix tapes about my siblings and kid life. I amassed around 100 tapes of rap with multi-track sounds and my keyboard, some of which I still own. In seventh grade I began acoutic guitar lessons, after which I recorded silly songs similar to early Beck. Alternative music was a big inspiration. Bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, Green Day, Local H, and Offspring made regular rotation in my Cd player and some of their influences can be heard in my earliest more serious music. In 1996 I was a part of a short lived teen garage band. By then more industrial and heavier music like NIN and KMFDM influenced my playing style. I continued to make music on my own, expirimenting with sounds, guitar, and keyboard. This time period is when I discovered a talent for a more synth approach. I used programs like ACID and Orion and chopped beats and sound effects, then added guitar and melodies to make what i called The Noise Diaries which I released for free on my personal website. Some of these songs made their way into the Project Warlock soundtrack. A OST composed by myself and Luke Wilson, and something I am very proud of accomplishing.