Here you will find recordings I made myself on the computer with guitar, keyboard, and synthesizer since the year 2000. Though my only real internet fame was the Project Warlock OST soundtrack I concocted new and with my old stock remixed in 2017, there are plenty of tracks before that, totalling over 500. I started with MAKINA in 2000 originally titled Defined Static by The Dybbuk and only having 6 tracks plus 4 outtakes. I then plugged in my guitar and for 5 years (2001-2005) cranked out old and new tunes from high school/90's/beyond that I had already come up with but decided to give all new personalities. 2005-2019 began The Absynthium Collective for various unknown soundtracks like college games and other just-for-fun creations. 2017 of course marked the OST made for the 2018 release Project Warlock, and in 2020 I decided to add to the original MAKINA tracks to make a full 80 minute CD, totalling 30 tracks. These were done in the same Machine-Style/Old-Computer-Style as the originals.

In 2021 I recorded an all new creation called PLUGGED featuring only three of the high school/beyond era guitar riffs I had leftover and then all new creations using both programmed synths, Makina-style drumming, and my same Gibson M-III guitar I had in the 90's I used for The Noise Diaries. I plan on re-releasing The Noise Diaries back into seperate albums and EPs with far more tracks in the same style given some of the original album titles like I did in 2020 with the previous recreation, again, called MAKINA. These albums will include: Sombriety, Maladaptive, and Phenomaly. I will eventually have 3 jewel-cased CD releases full of MP3 files for bandcamp but that era has not come yet. They will be called The Beauty of Noise, The Absynthium Collective, and The Project Warlock OST and More. The first Project Warlock OST will now be released in MP3 format (higher quality though) and feature a disc or two full of all new remixes I've yet to finish. I am also working on The Project Warlock II OST as we speak! ;)

No Limits Blackjack comes with a pretty good soundtrack for $2, called Euphoriac. The game is free