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For years I've made these just for the hell of it. They've never really served a purpose other than being a personal representation and a little bit of music and "favorite" things. Now, with this stuff and new successes with music, it now serves a little bit more of a purpose!

My name is Jerry Lehr. I live in the middle of nowhere within a surburban home I managed to get a couple of years ago in hopes to provide for my wife and children all while keeping up with my postal job and making music as a hobby. This little hobby, however, is getting me places! With years of practice and quite a few little track collections under my belt, in 2017 I was asked if I would like to help with a little old game known as Project Warlock! The soundtrack, including all the outtakes and everything, spanned 4 discs (five full hours) and has gotten like 99% positive responses so far. The game even caught the attention of John Romero, co-creator of Doom, who is now helping to publish some big box versions of our game under the name Romero Games. I still do my own stuff too, which you will see here. And I will continue to until I'm either dead or physically/mentally cannot do it anymore! You will find that my music is split into two categories: Guitar Stuff, and Synth Stuff. Enjoy!