01 "A Smashing Melody" is an intro track with the bass melody kicking in to match the next track. It sounds just like Danny Elfman got ahold of it.
02 "Smashing Through" was originally on a soundtrack in 2002 to a game mod that became a game idea and then the whole idea vanished into thin air. It never was on a real instrumental ep or album until now when I decided I don't know why. Since the EP was once called Anamorphosis and that track changed names to Red 40, there was a book and show "The Animorphs" and I was the last to know, and I really really liked this track, I chose this name for the whole album.
03 "Hack It Up" was for a soundtrack last year to a game that may or may not be created by an online of mine that I knew and was going to make games with before the Project Warlock OST. The game was called Blood Knight, and the track was originally "Hackman's Theme." If the game does, however, get made... I will let him have these tracks I gave out free anyway here, and just use this album as a small promo for it.
04 "Red 40" is the hyper drum mix of the original Red 40 which was originally titled "Anamorphosis" and the title track of the EP I stuck it on in 2002. It had a little punk rock to it and hyperactivity, which was throught to be caused by Red 40 dye in candy.
05 "Grimmage" is untouched from early 2003 but did once have an intro track "Ominous" that sounded way too much like Nirvana's In Bloom for me to let it pass. One track said (Intro to....) the next track, and the next said (Outtro to...) the previous track.
06 "Clot" is a cool new intro riff I came up with that turns into a heavy rock ballad then a faster techno song. I also recorded this 7 minute beast in 2002.
07 "Keep Me (From Me)" was recorded in late 2001 or early 2002, I forget. It just fits here better than the first albums. That, and I forgot to put it on them! This is a 2021 redux version with some pretty cool drums after a while when they kick in.
08 "Wastelands" was once the intro track to the ep Anamorphosis, which is now track 8, because it does NOT fit the beginning of a CD, even as a mood setter.
09 "Adventures in Commercial Grunge" is kind of like Nirvana's "Rape Me" with a generic beat and generic everything else, as well as a bonus guitar part that makes it sound and feel like a completely different song.
10 "Red 41" is a synth 2021 remix of Red 40. It is very disorganized sounding after a while, though it isn't. I actually like it a lot I just didn't know if anyone else would.
11 "Enigmatrix" is my one and only preview track for Project Warlock II. If there is a sampler there can be more, or you may listen to what the Early Access beta has to offer. If not, the full soundtrack, lasting several hours, can be heard on Project Warlock II.
12 "Forever Rusts" was originally called "No Truth In Forever." It had a full set of lyrics and vocals but they have been lost permanently which is a wonderful thing. I didn't even know what "emo" music was yet but these lyrics were just that.
13 "Clot, Mix 2" is basically Clot with a completely different sound, rerecorded in 2004.
14 "Moonlight Sonata" and Track 15 "The Executioner" were both for Blood Knight and if the game gets made will still be on it, I just didn't know if it would ever get made as the team dissipated for the time being and a new one is needed. I will still use these tracks or make new ones, and they will still be available here free as a little promotional thing. The company will be known as Hypnotic Games.
16 "The Organization" was for the Indiana NORML Podcast. NORML stands for National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. My friend Will, who I've done many musical things with you can find on this website, and who did the voiceovers for 2 of my 3 college games, needed it. I just don't know whether or not they ever used it, as he's no longer part of it I think I remember him saying. Who knows, maybe I was high! I'm Kidding! I guarantee my buddy Will was though!
17 "Sand" is the perfect outtro to this album. The end originally just cut off so I faded it out this time. This was the original title, not "Hold On" which it had been for years before finally I changed it back for this nostalgia set of albums.
The hidden track for this release on bandcamp is the original version of "Red 40"