SIN HARVEST Game 3 at ITT Tech, Circa 2005

Even though as mentioned for Thanatos, we never got to do a sidescroller, we DID get to do an overhead zelda-style dungeon game. Though it was a tad too colorful with weird enemies for a dungeon game, it still screamed "Legend of Zelda". Unfortunately my zelda remix came a year later in 2006 for CONTINUUM aka "Songs From Orion Vol. 3" so it never got to be hidden in this game. I reinlisted Will Henry on voiceover duty as desired by my college game dev team and also his wife Crystal and her sister Brittany to do other voices for the main character and bosses. I made 30 tracks, then titled "Songs From Orion Vol. 2" Now the Shadows and Abaddon sections of OMNIUM. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD.