SUPER MARIO BROS: JERRY'S REMIX, Solo Creation, Circa 2007.

In 2007, I started experimenting with rom hacks. I only messed with Super Mario Bros 1-3, but in the future I hope to mess around with it again, finally. This would include Bubble Bobble and Contra to name a few. For my main experiment rom, Super Mario Bros: Jerry's Remix, I messed around with settings that don't go together and got some weird results through the worlds. Since this is a pretty hard hack after a while, I promise to share savestates to different levels for those of you who would want to warp and check out later worlds without the pain in the ass of exploring that far. I have also made other hacks, though all of these are incomplete:
Super Mario Bros 1: Jerry's Remix II, Super Mario Bros 2: Another World, Super Mario Bros 3: From Hell, Super Mario Bros 3: Jerry's Remix, Super Mario Bros 3: Pink World.
These are very buggy, and I don't plan on fixing most, just starting new.

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