Floppy Disk Singles


Cherry 4-Track Single 32kbps I Eat Poop Zipped.zip
Cherry 32kbps 3-Track Single I Eat Poop.ima
Cherry 32kbps 4-Track Single I Eat Poop Zipped.imz
Cherry 64kbps Single I Eat Poop.ima
Cherry 64kbps Single I Eat Poop.mp3
*use WinImage

Also: THE CHERRY DISK Featuring a 64k and a 32k track as well as a tiny website.


01 Earmax
01 Terahertz
03 Man Witch
04 Mad
05 Unrealistic
06 Outtake #1

These were created to be released solely on floppy disk. I'm not done trying.
The only "keeper" so far is Terahertz

DOWNLOAD Bacterium on 4 disks (in a zip file)
Bacterium features 32K versions of already-released Absynthium tracks, for floppy!
This has been submitted to the "Floppy Kick" label. They release only on floppy.
I'm worried I've been rejected simply because I still haven't heard back.

Made to fit on a 3.5" 1.44MB Floppy Disk. Downloadable here.

01 Lunar Collision
02 Invasion At Sea
03 Terahertz
04 Jive Ass Aliens
05 Beards Of Mars
06 Totality
07 Laser Wounds
08 Uranus Heals
09 Pluto Kings
10 Diarrhea In Space
11 Don't Cut Off Our Weiners
12 Hell Is A Planet
13 Plasma Rings
14 Reptilian Demons
15 Tickle Them To Death
16 The Donkey Gods

You may also get a higher quality mix straight from the sources here.

This is a full album, that fits on one floppy disk. You can download it here.