I have searched and searched the web for this defunct company's game trilogy Space Chase and could only find the shareware of the first episode. Since the company no longer exists, I decided after paying a pretty penny to get them off of ebay in their original big boxes to provide them here:

Space Chase, Missions I II and III (Jason Storm)

Next, I could find this program at but you can only get a download every day, so I shared it here. I copied this onto a floppy from our then local library for use on my own computer, amongst other things, and found that if a menu is already set up with passwords and color changes you can delete the MENU.CUS file to remove those changes and passwords. Here it is! In retail format! I now own the book, box, and floppy that came with them.

Direct Access 5.1 (Fifth Generation Systems, Delta 1992?)

Another game I had issues finding on both torrents and the web until recently was by Disney in 1993. It was called simply COASTER and was a roller coaster designer that you could actually ride and get reviews from a panel of six judges. I played this for a couple months straight and filled a couple of floppy disks with the tiny track files. I must have been in the hundreds. Too bad those are gone forever!

Disney Coaster 1993

These three programs were made for MS DOS and in modern times require DOSBox to play.