After the nuissance songs of Cherry Rounders from 1999-2007, 2008 involved me starting over with Will Henry for some smarter yet raunchier stuff. Some of the tracks actually had some cleverness behind them, such as Trippin' Mario, Nuttin Butt Luv 4 My Homiez, The Lost Ninja Turtles, etc. Most of it was just shock though. We put on three shows in Indianapolis, and one in Will's backyard.

The actual album, The Primitive Collection, contained most of the songs from the six unprinted eps found under the audio tab on the microsite, and was released in the quantity of 1000 for absolutely free to whoever wanted one, and about 925 people across various cities during events we went to who may not have wanted a copy :) One instance inpaticular, involved us handing it to a couple, the guy of said couple threw it down the alley, and the next day I got a message on the Will and Jerry facebook page that some guy found it in a puddle down an alley and wanted to congratulate us on creating the weirdest funniest thing he's ever heard in his life. So there was a lot of positive to go with the negative, but I started to lose interest in all the raunch and shock and wanted to do more tracks like Army of Me Pt. 1 or Super Breakout. You know, smart or mild stuff. Not the kind of stuff that if not free probably could have gotten us in trouble.

Will is currently in 2019 remodelling his kitchen but will soon have a garage studio and in the springtime I'll move my stuff back to the garage studio of my own. We have agreed on less raunch and more wit. I'm ready to see what unfolds if you are.

A sample of the old: TMNT:TLNT