To be officially released via publishers on Steam and GOG. I'm on soundtrack duty!!! I recorded over 100 tracks in half a year. There were five specific themes for the soundtrack as well: Medieval, Antarctic, Egyptian, Industrial, and Hell.

Project Warlock is a small pixel art FPS about a spellcasting gunslinger. It's a mix of run and gun gameplay with some modern twists.

The game will include:
- Over 50 different enemy types and very sparse amounts of hitscans and bullet sponges.
- 40 types of weapons to choose from. No reloading or aiming down sights. And no peashooters.
- Character progression with perks, spells and pretty serious weapon upgrades.
- Five episodes with distinct visuals, monsters and bosses.
- 60 handcrafted levels.
- additional game modes
- synth music with different tracks for every level. 105 counting outtakes

Someone kindly put the OST on Youtube, so now I don't have to!

Be sure to visit the official website, or the twitter feed, and finally the facebook page. Crowds at PAX East, See an Old Article, and finally a NEW Article with the Launch Trailer. We made PC Gamer's front page!!! ...And my favorite reviewer I used to binge watch did an excellent review of us: GGGmanlives


Doom Co-Creator John Romero Approves!